Who's That? MemRec Knows Every Member -- And So Can You!

Living in DC, we see politicians out and about all the time, but with so many around it can be a challenge to put names and faces together. Not anymore!

Years ago when I was an intern for the House Democratic Caucus, we were required to use an internal program developed for the Capitol Police called MemRec to memorize the entire Caucus because we had to know who to let into meetings at a glance. Ever since that internship I have been slowly losing track of the current membership of the House and Senate, yearning for access to that great tool again.

For that reason I decided to make my own new. My MemRec app is a digital flash card game for memorizing Members of Congress. It works like Tinder where you swipe right on Members you already recognize and it takes them out of rotation, and you swipe left on Members you don't know, keeping them in rotation for further memorization.

If you aren't feeling super ambitious, you can choose to memorize Members by state, chamber, and party instead of trying to memorize them all. Either way it's effective... and a bit addictive. Don't worry! The app includes a night mode to help you avoid eye strain when you find yourself incapable of putting it down.