Cloakroom Troubleshooting 101

Cloakroom is protected by the Google Cloud's own high tech security, and we here at Capitol Bells go to great lengths to keep you completely anonymous by never tracking or storing your personal data. However, this kind of identity protection can have some unforeseen consequences.

For instance, in recent days a couple users have had trouble viewing messages within Cloakroom.

For those of you mysterious political operatives who are too cautious to contact us directly to help with your technical difficulties, we have created a quick troubleshooting guide for you to try out. 

Option 1

  1. close the app
  2. double tap on the home button for Multi-task screen to show up
  3. swipe up to close the Cloakroom app
  4. tap on home button once to end Multi-task screen
  5. re-open Cloakroom

Option 2

  1. delete the app and re-download
  2. press down on any app icon until all icons on phone screen starts to 'wiggle'
  3. a little 'x' at the top left corner will show up on each app icons
  4. press the little 'x' ton the Cloakroom app icon
  5. re-download Cloakroom
  6. restart iPhone

If these don't work feel free to shoot us an email at Thanks for using Cloakroom!!

- JMac