New Cloakroom update: Are you an influencer?

We have been working hard to make sure reputation and credibility play as big of a role in Cloakroom as anonymity and personal security. Cloakroom version 1.6 has been released to the app store today, and it is all about emphasizing reputation.

In 1.6 you can tap on any alias anywhere in the app to view a timeline of posts from that alias to get a better feel for who they are. From here you can also follow that alias and you'll notice that this person has been assigned a rank too!

"Rank? What for?" To promote positive engagement, every alias you manage can be ranked based off of the upvotes and follows you have received from other users for your posts and comments. You can even view the whole leaderboard to see where you fall compared to the other users you regularly interact with on Cloakroom.

Fundamentally, we rank your influence based on whether you've built a following and have recently contributed content that other users in the community appreciate. We quantify the magnitude of your influence using the Pythagorean theorem. The first factor is the total number of followers an alias has and the second factor is the number of likes an alias has received in the last 7 days for posts and comments. Thus an alias with 4 followers and 3 recent likes would have a total influence score of 5.

It's not all math and obscure metrics though.  Many of our colleagues on the Hill have to be very careful about their online reputations and how they share with their friends. Cloakroom where you should be able to interact safely in a friendly environment among people you can trust. We hope gamification is a fun way to engender a productive community -- and a little competition to become a top influencer on the Hill.

Thoughts? Please let us know what you think.