Introducing the the new "Constituent Correspondence"

Today Members of Congress are reaching out to the public using Capitol Bells to urge House Leadership for a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.  It's the citizen discharge petition. Writing and sharing "Motions" allows proponents of the same legislation to form an instant coalition to champion a cause.  As these Motions build momentum, the Congresspeople and citizens behind the actions will be able to measure support for the immigration bill HR 15 using social media.

Over the coming days, these Members and the public can openly track support for their initiative across the country, with opinion data broken down by congressional district. Furthermore, everyone can gauge the exact level of engagement generated by their own content based on who "agreed" to their Motion. 

Think of it like constituent correspondence for social media. Many citizens are interested in having their voice count in Congress, but most people aren't interested in calling or writing their representatives -- and, in my opinion as a former legislative correspondent, those messages may as well be sent to a black hole for the good they do. Motions are an easier way to engage with Congress, reach more people, and create transparent data you can count.

Real engagement goes both ways.