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Congress: when it's all said and done, ain't nothing being said, ain't nothing being done. Yeah, we've heard the special order speeches served up in seven-second sound bites, but we need a dialogue – honest conversation, meaningful words – the kind that leads to action. 

Welcome to Cloakroom.
Our new iOS application is set to establish a more productive discourse on Capitol Hill. It offers members of the Hill community a secure and casual forum to discuss House and Senate business.

Cloakroom is a place where congressional insiders can slip away from the blind, hungry glare of cameras and speak openly and off the record.
Cloakroom is discreet. All comments and posts are pseudonymous, so users control their own identities.
Cloakroom is exclusive. Access is restricted to members of the Hill community. To join the conversation, users must prove they are in the Capitol's campus by “checking-in” using location services.
Cloakroom is secure. Users control how much information about themselves they disclose. Your location and personal data are never tracked.
Interested in engaging in a cloakroom tête-à-tête? Take a look here: